1500RS  Spyder  550

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             1955 Porsche 550 1500RS Spyder                                                                       photos: fanjoy-labrenz

Restoration by Herman & Walker, LLC         Hickory, North Carolina

Our first sighting of this little Spyder in Atlanta during a mission to purchase a Ferrari 250 California SWB.  We wanted it badly but there were not enough funds for both at the time.  Never forgotten,  we found it again.........

Two owners later, the condition had gone way down and the price way up, but....we bought it!!

Now safe in our hands...oh well,.........."To make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs."

We are sure you have heard the term "frame-off" restoration. We don't joke around about it!

This little Spyder had taken a real beating on her bottom.  We made a new one.  Rest of body is original.

Frame painted, body remounted, ready for paint.

Final assembly. 

Another Herman & Walker Spyder restoration