1959 Carrera GT Speedster Restoration

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As found in a barn in New Canaan, CT.  Missing the 4-Cam engine and a whole lot more. 

OK, Let's turn her upside down on some old tires and start here. Inspiration to build that rotisserie.

This position was a bit easier on the old back.  NO RUST....... but many hours of hand scraping and sanding. Old race cars are great restoration candidates!

Now we are making some progress!

It even looks good outside!

Lots of metal finishing required on all those aluminum panels.

Upright again with some Ruby Red applied.

The fun part!  Final assembly.

After years in the barn......ready to do it all again!

photo: Henry Rasmussen

photo: Henry Rasmussen

photo: Henry Rasmussen

photo: james labrenz

Original owner of 84925,  Mr. Ray Ruprecht

photo courtesy of Tom Ruprecht